A study of the palaeoethnobotany of Kashmir, covering covers the period from 4500 BP to 1000 BP. It includes keys to the identification of various species of Triticum, Hordeum, Avena and Prunus, and hard and soft woods, and lists the criteria for identification of weed seeds of some 200 species.

chapter Chapter 1|5 pages


chapter Chapter 2|8 pages

The Sites and their Environment

chapter Chapter 3|82 pages

Keys and Criteria for Identification

chapter Chapter 4|8 pages

Artificial Carbonization

chapter Chapter 5|89 pages

Archaeological Evidence

chapter Chapter 6|4 pages

Diffusion of Plants into Kashmir

chapter Chapter 7|2 pages

Probable Uses of the Plants Recovered

chapter Chapter 8|3 pages

Vegetation, Climate and the Biotic Factor

chapter Chapter 9|2 pages

Origin and History of Agriculture

chapter Chapter 10|12 pages

State of Economy

chapter Chapter 11|24 pages

Statistics in Palaeoethnobotany