Now available for the first time in English translation, this important book contains extensive material relating to the electrodynamic characteristics of linear accelerators, and gives a good overview of the fundamentals of accelerating cavity design. The authors describe the experimental methods and measurement techniques essential in this area of research, and provide comprehensive data about the electrodynamic characteristics of resonant structures, which are widely used in charged particle accelerators and microwave devices. Single cavities and coupling chains, excited in electrical and magnetic modes, are described numerically and analyzed in detail. The book also provides a valuable description of the perturbation method, which is illustrated using a unique collection of data.

chapter 3|32 pages

Couplers And Coupling Elements

chapter 4|58 pages

E-type Accelerating Structures

chapter 5|34 pages

H-Type Resonators

chapter 6|50 pages

Measurement Of Accelerating Cavities

chapter 7|36 pages

Linear Resonant Cavity Accelerators