Most books on linear systems for undergraduates cover discrete and continuous systems material together in a single volume. Such books also include topics in discrete and continuous filter design, and discrete and continuous state-space representations. However, with this magnitude of coverage, the student typically gets a little of both discrete and continuous linear systems but not enough of either. Minimal coverage of discrete linear systems material is acceptable provided that there is ample coverage of continuous linear systems. On the other hand, minimal coverage of continuous linear systems does no justice to either of the two areas. Under the best of circumstances, a student needs a solid background in both these subjects.

Continuous linear systems and discrete linear systems are broad topics and each merit a single book devoted to the respective subject matter. The objective of this set of two volumes is to present the needed material for each at the undergraduate level, and present the required material using MATLAB® (The MathWorks Inc.).

Volume 1: Signal Representation. Continuous Systems. Fourier Series. The Fourier Transform and Linear Systems. The Laplace Transform and Linear Systems. State-Space and Linear Systems.

Volume 2: Signal Representation. The Discrete System. The Fourier Series and the Fourier Transform of Discrete Signals. The Z-Transform and Discrete Systems. The Discrete Fourier Transform and Discrete Systems. State-Space and Discrete Systems.