Nanocomposites (both heterogeneous and anisotropic) are hard to machine due to their enhanced properties and there is a need to know about the problems associated with the machining of nanocomposites by various conventional as well as non-conventional machining operations. Machining of nanocomposites emphasizes on different fabrication methods to develop nanocomposites (polymers, metals, and ceramics) and different machining processes used in industries. Further, it describes issues and challenges including research trends associated with the same. It also evaluates mechanical and wear properties of the composites as well.


  • Covers manufacturing process of nanocomposites.
  • Includes conventional and non-conventional machining process and relevant applications.
  • Addresses effect of different nano-reinforcements on machinability.
  • Discusses usage of design of experiments and optimization technique to improve the machinability of nanocomposites.
  • Reviews challenges on machining of nanocomposites and its remedies.

This book aims at Researchers, Graduate students in Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Sciences including Composites, Nanotechnology, and Machining.                                                                 

chapter 2|28 pages

Conventional Machining of Nanocomposites

chapter 3|34 pages

Advanced Machining of Nanocomposites

chapter 4|64 pages

Intelligent Machining of Nanocomposites

chapter 5|33 pages

Sustainable Machining of Nanocomposites