This book uses asymptotic methods to obtain simple approximate analytic solutions to various problems within mechanics, notably wave processes in heterogeneous materials. Presenting original solutions to common issues within mechanics, this book builds upon years of research to demonstrate the benefits of implementing asymptotic techniques within mechanical engineering and material science. Focusing on linear and nonlinear wave phenomena in complex micro-structured solids, the book determines their global characteristics through analysis of their internal structure, using homogenization and asymptotic procedures, in line with the latest thinking within the field. The book’s cutting-edge methodology can be applied to optimal design, non-destructive control and in deep seismic sounding, providing a valuable alternative to widely used numerical methods. Using case studies, the book covers topics such as elastic waves in nonhomogeneous materials, regular and chaotic dynamics based on continualisation and discretization and vibration localization in 1D Linear and Nonlinear lattices. The book will be of interest to students, research engineers, and professionals specialising in mathematics and physics as well as mechanical and civil engineering.

chapter 3|24 pages

Waves in Fiber Composites: Linear Problems