This latest textbook from bestselling author, Douglas E. Comer, is a class-tested book providing a comprehensive introduction to cloud computing. Focusing on concepts and principles, rather than commercial offerings by cloud providers and vendors, The Cloud Computing Book: The Future of Computing Explained gives readers a complete picture of the advantages and growth of cloud computing, cloud infrastructure, virtualization, automation and orchestration, and cloud-native software design.

The book explains real and virtual data center facilities, including computation (e.g., servers, hypervisors, Virtual Machines, and containers), networks (e.g., leaf-spine architecture, VLANs, and VxLAN), and storage mechanisms (e.g., SAN, NAS, and object storage). Chapters on automation and orchestration cover the conceptual organization of systems that automate software deployment and scaling. Chapters on cloud-native software cover parallelism, microservices, MapReduce, controller-based designs, and serverless computing. Although it focuses on concepts and principles, the book uses popular technologies in examples, including Docker containers and Kubernetes. Final chapters explain security in a cloud environment and the use of models to help control the complexity involved in designing software for the cloud.

The text is suitable for a one-semester course for software engineers who want to understand cloud, and for IT managers moving an organization’s computing to the cloud.

part I|32 pages

Why Cloud?

chapter 3 41|8 pages

The Motivations For Cloud

chapter 13 142|8 pages

Elastic Computing And Its Advantages

chapter 23 243|8 pages

Types Of Clouds And Cloud Providers

part II|76 pages

Cloud Infrastructure And Virtualization

chapter 35 364|16 pages

Data Center Infrastructure And Equipment

chapter 53 545|14 pages

Virtual Machines

chapter 69 706|14 pages


chapter 85 867|10 pages

Virtual Networks

chapter 97 988|10 pages

Virtual Storage

part III|32 pages

Automation And Orchestration

chapter 111 1129|12 pages


chapter 125 12610|14 pages

Orchestration: Automated Replication And Parallelism

part IV|74 pages

Cloud Programming Paradigms

chapter 143 14411|16 pages

The MapReduce Paradigm

chapter 161 16212|16 pages


chapter 179 18013|12 pages

Controller-Based Management Software

chapter 193 19414|10 pages

Serverless Computing And Event Processing

chapter 205 20615|8 pages


part V|50 pages

Other Aspects Of Cloud

chapter 217 21816|12 pages

Edge Computing And IIoT

chapter 231 23217|12 pages

Cloud Security And Privacy

chapter 245 24618|18 pages

Controlling The Complexity Of Cloud-Native Systems