Data Analytics and Visualization in Quality Analysis using Tableau goes beyond the existing quality statistical analysis. It helps quality practitioners perform effective quality control and analysis using Tableau, a user-friendly data analytics and visualization software. It begins with a basic introduction to quality analysis with Tableau including differentiating factors from other platforms. It is followed by a description of features and functions of quality analysis tools followed by step-by-step instructions on how to use Tableau. Further, quality analysis through Tableau based on open source data is explained based on five case studies. Lastly, it systematically describes the implementation of quality analysis through Tableau in an actual workplace via a dashboard example.


  • Describes a step-by-step method of Tableau to effectively apply data visualization techniques in quality analysis
  • Focuses on a visualization approach for practical quality analysis
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of quality analysis topics using state-of-the-art concepts and applications
  • Illustrates pragmatic implementation methodology and instructions applicable to real-world and business cases
  • Include examples of ready-to-use templates of customizable Tableau dashboards

This book is aimed at professionals, graduate students and senior undergraduate students in industrial systems and quality engineering, process engineering, systems engineering, quality control, quality assurance and quality analysis.

chapter 1|7 pages


chapter 3|46 pages

Quality Dashboard

chapter 4|45 pages

Case Studies