Applied User Data Collection and Analysis Using JavaScript and PHP is designed to provide the technical skills and competency to gather a wide range of user data from web applications in both active and passive methods. This is done by providing the reader with real-world examples of how a variety of different JavaScript- and PHP-based libraries can be used to gather data using custom feedback forms and embedded data gathering tools.

Once data has been gathered, this book explores the process of working with numerical data, text analysis, visualization approaches, statistics, and rolling out developed applications to both data analysts and users alike.

Using the collected data, this book aims to provide a deeper understanding of user behavior and interests, allowing application developers to further enhance web-application development.


Key Features:

  • Complete real-world examples of gathering data from users and web environments
  • Offers readers the fundamentals of text analysis using JavaScript and PHP
  • Allows the user to understand and harness JavaScript data-visualization tools
  • Integration of new and existing data sources into a single, bespoke web-based analysis environment

chapter Chapter 1|10 pages


chapter Chapter 2|28 pages

Active Data Collection

chapter Chapter 3|48 pages

Passive Data Collection

chapter Chapter 4|64 pages

Custom Dashboards

chapter Chapter 5|38 pages

Working with Text

chapter Chapter 6|32 pages

Text Visualization

chapter Chapter 7|46 pages

Time-Based Feedback Analysis

chapter Chapter 8|18 pages

Feedback Statistics and Overviews

chapter Chapter 9|24 pages

Hosting, Reporting, and Distribution