This book presents a series of innovative technologies and research results on adaptive control of dynamic systems with quantization, uncertainty, and nonlinearity, including the theoretical success and practical development such as the approaches for stability analysis, the compensation of quantization, the treatment of subsystem interactions, and the improvement of system tracking and transient performance. Novel solutions by adopting backstepping design tools to a number of hotspots and challenging problems in the area of adaptive control are provided.

In the first three chapters, the general design procedures and stability analysis of backstepping controllers and the basic descriptions and properties of quantizers are introduced as preliminary knowledge for this book. In the remainder of this book, adaptive control schemes are introduced to compensate for the effects of input quantization, state quantization, both input and state/output quantization for uncertain nonlinear systems and are applied to helicopter systems and DC Microgrid. Discussion remarks are provided in each chapter highlighting new approaches and contributions to emphasize the novelty of the presented design and analysis methods. Simulation results are also given in each chapter to show the effectiveness of these methods.

This book is helpful to learn and understand the fundamental backstepping schemes for state feedback control and output feedback control. It can be used as a reference book or a textbook on adaptive quantized control for students with some background in feedback control systems. Researchers, graduate students, and engineers in the fields of control, information, and communication, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, and others will benefit from this book.

chapter Chapter 1|8 pages


chapter Chapter 2|26 pages

Backstepping Control

chapter Chapter 3|12 pages

Quantizers and Quantized Control Systems

part |34 pages

State Quantization Compensation

part |30 pages

Input and State/Output Quantization Compensation

part |34 pages


chapter 178Chapter 12|16 pages

Adaptive Attitude Control of Helicopter with Quantization

chapter Chapter 13|12 pages

Quantized Distributed Secondary Control for DC Microgrid

chapter Chapter 14|4 pages

Conclusions and Future Challenges