This book covers the process of creating digital characters for video games as well as for 3D printing and collectibles. It looks at character asset creation for high-end AAA console games as well as asset creation for legacy devices and the ever-growing mobile gaming industry. Lastly, it covers creation of figurines for 3D printing and collectibles.

Digital Character Creation for Video Games and Collectibles provides a step-by-step walkthrough of creating these assets at an industry level standard. It includes the necessary theory that you need to understand how to be an effective character artist, but primarily focuses on the practical skills needed for creating character assets in the modern games and collectibles industries.

This book will be of great interest to all beginners and junior character artists currently working in the gaming or collectible industry and for those looking to enter these industries. There is also relevant content in the highly detailed examples for people currently working in the industry and looking to pick up a few new tips, tricks and knowledge.

1.Introduction. 2.Who is This Book For? 3. What is Character Art? 4.The Industry; Past Present and Future. 5.Core Artistic Skills. 6.Tools. 7.Technical Example 01 – High Detail PBR Game Character. 8.Technical Example 02 – Hand Painted Character Prop. 9.Technical Example 03 - Figurine Sculpt for Collectibles and 3D Printing. 10.Your Portfolio. 11.Work Life. 12.The Industry. 13.Other Skills. 14.Acknowledgments. 15.Glossary.