The animal feed sector faces increasingly complex challenges. It needs to improve feed digestibility/efficiency whilst also promoting growth and enhancing both product quality and safety. At the same time, it has an increasingly important role in helping to promote animal health, welfare and the sustainability of farming. Developing animal feed products provides comprehensive coverage of advances in optimising the key stages in developing successful new animal feed products, from assessing feed ingredients, product development and processing to maintaining quality and safety. The collection features authoritative discussions by leading experts on the relationship between nutrition and animal health, as well how best to implement risk management systems for the prevention and control of diseases/contaminants present in animal feed. Edited by Dr Navaratnam Partheeban, Royal Agricultural University, UK, Developing animal feed products will be a standard reference for companies involved in the manufacture of animal feed, as well as researchers in livestock nutrition, government and other agencies regulating the animal feed sector.

Part 1 Feed ingredients 1.Advances in understanding animal nutrient digestion and metabolism: Geert Janssens, University of Ghent, Belgium 2.Advances in understanding the role of nutrition in animal health: Partheeban Navaratnam, Royal Agricultural University, UK 3.Techniques for identifying new animal feed ingredients/additives: Katarina Theodoridou, Queen's University of Belfast, UK Part 2 Product development 4.Developments in animal feed processing technology: sorting and extraction: Dennis Forte, Dennis Forte and Associates Pty Ltd, Australia 5.Processing techniques to optimise digestibility and nutritional value of animal feed: Charles Stark, Kansas State University, USA Part 3 Quality and safety 6.Developments in analytical techniques for testing animal feed: Frédéric Debode, Walloon Agricultural Research Centre (CRA-W), Belgium 7.Developments in techniques to test the efficacy of animal feed products: Gerhard Flachowsky, Institute of Animal Nutrition - Friedrich Loeffler Institute (ITE-FLI), Germany 8.Advances in understanding key contamination risks in animal feed: mycotoxins: Luciano Pinotti, University of Milan, Italy 9.Risk management systems for prevention and control of contaminants in animal feed: Regiane Santos, Schothorst Feed Research, The Netherlands 10.Developing effective product dossiers for regulatory approval of new animal feed products: Manfred Lützow, Saqual GmbH, Switzerland