This book is designed to introduce the fundamentals of systematics in a simple, concise and balanced manner. The book aims to equip the students with the basics of plant taxonomy and at the same time also update them with the most recent advances in the field of plant systematics. The book has been organized into 21 chapters that introduce and explain different concepts in a stimulating manner. The text is supplemented with relevant illustrations and photographs. Relevant literature has been added to provide a better picture of the most recent updates in the field of plant systematics.

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chapter Chapter-1|8 pages


chapter Chapter-2|11 pages

Plant Identification

chapter Chapter-3|16 pages


chapter Chapter-4|11 pages

Botanic Gardens

chapter Chapter-5|11 pages

Taxonomic Literature

chapter Chapter-6|13 pages

Taxonomic Hierarchy

chapter Chapter-7|20 pages

Plant Nomenclature

chapter Chapter-8|13 pages


chapter Chapter-9|11 pages


chapter Chapter-10|9 pages


chapter Chapter-11|9 pages


chapter Chapter-12|12 pages


chapter Chapter-13|10 pages


chapter Chapter-14|23 pages

Molecular Systematics

chapter Chapter-15|24 pages

Systems of Classification: Artificial to Phylogenetic

chapter Chapter-16|15 pages

APG IV Classification

chapter Chapter-17|9 pages

Phenetics (Numerical Taxonomy) and Biometrics

chapter Chapter-18|7 pages


chapter Chapter-19|11 pages

Origin and Evolution of Angiosperms

chapter Chapter-20|14 pages

Phylogenetic Systematics

chapter Chapter-21|10 pages

DNA Barcoding