Networked Non-linear Stochastic Time-Varying Systems: Analysis and Synthesis copes with the filter design, fault estimation and reliable control problems for different classes of nonlinear stochastic time-varying systems with network-enhanced complexities. Divided into three parts, the book discusses the finite-horizon filtering, fault estimation and reliable control, and randomly occurring nonlinearities/uncertainties followed by designing of distributed state and fault estimators, and distributed filters. The third part includes problems of variance-constrained H∞ state estimation, partial-nodes-based state estimation and recursive filtering for nonlinear time-varying complex networks with randomly varying topologies, and random coupling strengths.

  • Offers a comprehensive treatment of the topics related to Networked Nonlinear Stochastic Time-Varying Systems with rigorous math foundation and derivation
  • Unifies existing and emerging concepts concerning control/filtering/estimation and distributed filtering
  • Provides a series of latest results by drawing on the conventional theories of systems science, control engineering and signal processing Deal with practical engineering problems such as event triggered H∞ filtering, non-fragile distributed estimation, recursive filtering, set-membership filtering
  • Demonstrates illustrative examples in each chapter to verify the correctness of the proposed results

This book is aimed at engineers, mathematicians, scientists, and upper-level students in the fields of control engineering, signal processing, networked control systems, robotics, data analysis, and automation.

chapter Chapter 1|24 pages


chapter Chapter 2|38 pages

Event-Triggered Multi-objective Filtering and Control

chapter Chapter 4|30 pages

Finite-Horizon Estimation of Randomly Occurring Faults

chapter Chapter 6|40 pages

Distributed Estimation over Sensor Network

chapter Chapter 7|44 pages

State Estimation for Complex Networks

chapter Chapter 9|4 pages

Conclusions and Future Work