"Ulf Mattsson leverages his decades of experience as a CTO and security expert to show how companies can achieve data compliance without sacrificing operability."

  • Jim Ambrosini, CISSP, CRISC, Cybersecurity Consultant and Virtual CISO

"Ulf Mattsson lays out not just the rationale for accountable data governance, he provides clear strategies and tactics that every business leader should know and put into practice. As individuals, citizens and employees, we should all take heart that following his sound thinking can provide us all with a better future."

  • Richard Purcell, CEO Corporate Privacy Group and former Microsoft Chief Privacy Officer

Many security experts excel at working with traditional technologies but fall apart in utilizing newer data privacy techniques to balance compliance requirements and the business utility of data. This book will help readers grow out of a siloed mentality and into an enterprise risk management approach to regulatory compliance and technical roles, including technical data privacy and security issues.

The book uses practical lessons learned in applying real-life concepts and tools to help security leaders and their teams craft and implement strategies. These projects deal with a variety of use cases and data types. A common goal is to find the right balance between compliance, privacy requirements, and the business utility of data.

This book reviews how new and old privacy-preserving techniques can provide practical protection for data in transit, use, and rest. It positions techniques like pseudonymization, anonymization, tokenization, homomorphic encryption, dynamic masking, and more. Topics include

  • Trends and Evolution
  • Best Practices, Roadmap, and Vision
  • Zero Trust Architecture
  • Applications, Privacy by Design, and APIs
  • Machine Learning and Analytics
  • Secure Multiparty Computing
  • Blockchain and Data Lineage
  • Hybrid Cloud, CASB, and SASE
  • HSM, TPM, and Trusted Execution Environments
  • Internet of Things
  • Quantum Computing
  • And much more!

part Section I|71 pages

Introduction and Vision

chapter 1|20 pages

Privacy, Risks, and Threats

chapter 2|26 pages

Trends and Evolution

part Section II|42 pages

Data Confidentiality and Integrity

part Section III|20 pages

Users and Authorization

chapter 7|10 pages

Access Control

chapter 8|8 pages

Zero Trust Architecture

part Section IV|58 pages


part Section V|45 pages


chapter 14|15 pages

Hybrid Cloud, CASB, and SASE

chapter 16|8 pages

Internet of Things

chapter 17|7 pages

Quantum Computing

chapter 18|7 pages