Introduction to the Cyber Ranges provides a comprehensive, integrative, easy-to-comprehend overview of different aspects involved in the cybersecurity arena. It expands on various concepts like cyber situational awareness, simulation and emulation environments, and cybersecurity exercises. It also focuses on detailed analysis and the comparison of various existing cyber ranges in military, academic, and commercial sectors. It highlights every crucial aspect necessary for developing a deeper insight about the working of the cyber ranges, their architectural design, and their need in the market. It conveys how cyber ranges are complex and effective tools in dealing with advanced cyber threats and attacks.

Enhancing the network defenses, resilience, and efficiency of different components of critical infrastructures is the principal objective of cyber ranges. Cyber ranges provide simulations of possible cyberattacks and training on how to thwart such attacks. They are widely used in urban enterprise sectors because they present a sturdy and secure setting for hands-on cyber skills training, advanced cybersecurity education, security testing/training, and certification.


  • A comprehensive guide to understanding the complexities involved with cyber ranges and other cybersecurity aspects
  • Substantial theoretical knowhow on cyber ranges, their architectural design, along with case studies of existing cyber ranges in leading urban sectors like military, academic, and commercial
  • Elucidates the defensive technologies used by various cyber ranges in enhancing the security setups of private and government organizations
  • Information organized in an accessible format for students (in engineering, computer science, and information management), professionals, researchers, and scientists working in the fields of IT, cybersecurity, distributed systems, and computer networks

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 4|20 pages

Types of Cyber Ranges

chapter 7|12 pages

Simulation and Emulation Environments

chapter 8|8 pages

Designing a Cyber Range

chapter 9|32 pages

Military Cyber Ranges

chapter 10|28 pages

Existing Cyber Ranges in Academic Sector