"The only continuing source that helps users analyze, plan, design, evaluate, and manage integrated telecommunications networks, systems, and services, The Froehlich/Kent Encyclopedia of Telecommunications presents both basic and technologically advanced knowledge in the field. An ideal reference source for both newcomers as well as seasoned specialists, the Encyclopedia covers seven key areas--Terminals and Interfaces; Transmission; Switching, Routing, and Flow Control; Networks and Network Control; Communications Software and Protocols; Network and system Management; and Components and Processes."

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Digital Microwave Link Design

entry |16 pages

Digital Microwave Radio

entry |23 pages

Digital Modulation and Coding

entry |117 pages

Digital Modulation Techniques

entry |33 pages

Digital Radio Systems

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Digital Signal Processing

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Digital Speech Processing

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Digital Switching Systems

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Distributed Computing

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Divestiture Impact on Local Telephone Rate Policy in the United States: Diffusion of Local Measured Service, 1977–1985

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Divestiture of Bell Operating Companies: Technical Challenges and Achievements

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Dolbear, Amos Emerson

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DS1 Services and Standards

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E Echo-Canceling Algorithms

entry |6 pages

Echo Suppressors

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Economic Theories of Regulation in Telecommunications

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Electrical Filters