The creation of river dams and the storage of water have been a strategy for survival for many centuries. Reservoirs have diverse functions, providing irrigation, water supply, storage of water, flood control, navigation and power generation.  The silting of a reservoir is an unavoidable process.  Although it cannot be halted, silting can be slowed down and controlled by a variety of soil conservation practices and by modifying agricultural practices in the catchment area.  Other methods of reducing silting include the placing of certain engineering structures in the river system and the introduction of adequate strategies of reservoir operation.  Silting and Desilting of Reservoirs includes aspects such as hydraulics, sediment transport, silting, sediment distribution, calculation and prediction of silting and solutions to reservoir silting.

chapter Chapter 1|10 pages


chapter Chapter 2|9 pages

General considerations about reservoirs

chapter Chapter 3|42 pages

Hydraulics of reservoirs

chapter Chapter 4|37 pages

Sediment transport in reservoirs

chapter Chapter 5|52 pages

Silting of reservoirs – Process, causes and effects