This book begins with an introduction of nanobiotechnology, followed by biosyntheses of AgNPs, development of silver/chitosan (Ag/CS) polymer nanocomposites, synthesis of silver/chitosan-g-poly acrylamide (Ag/CS-g-PAAm) nanocomposite hydrogel and silver/chitosan/poly vinyl chloride (Ag/CS/PVC) blend. Finally, it presents novel bioengineering of polyfunctional metallic nanostructures other than Ag, emphasizing biomass utilization and value-added conversion over an extended span, including life cycle assessment of the synthesized nanostructures.


  • Includes prospective cost effective, eco-friendly, and safe nanomaterials, synthesized through facile paths
  • Covers the synergistic effect of phytochemicals and nano-Ag antimicrobial agents from an antiviral perspective
  • Includes surface coating systems and super absorbent materials for biomedical purposes
  • Examines nanobiotechnological applications for generating nanoalloys with synchronized nanostructural arrangement of alkaline earth metals and nanoscale dots of transition metals
  • Explores the life cycle assessment of synthesized nanomaterials

This book aims at researchers and graduate students in biomaterials, chemical engineering, green chemistry, nanomaterials, and biotechnology.

chapter 2|16 pages

Enumerate Investigations

chapter 9|8 pages

Environmental Fate of Safe Green Bioactive Nanobiomaterials

Life Cycle Assessment