With the recent developments in the field of advanced materials, there exists a need for a systematic summary and detailed introduction of the modeling and simulation methods for these materials. This book provides a comprehensive description of the mechanical behavior of advanced materials using modeling and simulation. It includes materials such as high-entropy alloys, high-entropy amorphous alloys, nickel-based superalloys, light alloys, electrode materials, and nanostructured reinforced composites.

  • Reviews the performance and application of a variety of advanced materials and provides the detailed theoretical modeling and simulation of mechanical properties
  • Covers the topics of deformation, fracture, diffusion, and fatigue
  • Features worked examples and exercises that help readers test their understanding

This book is aimed at researchers and advanced students in solid mechanics, material science, engineering, material chemistry, and those studying the mechanics of materials.

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|28 pages

Theoretical Methods

chapter 3|31 pages

High-Entropy Alloys


chapter 4|46 pages

High-Entropy Alloys


chapter 5|27 pages

High-Entropy Amorphous Alloys

chapter 6|34 pages

Nickel-Based Superalloys

chapter 7|52 pages

Light Alloys

chapter 8|28 pages

Chemomechanical Modeling of Lithiation

chapter 9|53 pages

Nanostructure-Reinforced Composites

chapter 10|9 pages

Challenges and Opportunities