Environment includes air, water, land and the inter relationship between air water, land and human beings and other living creatures, plants micro-organisms and property. Environment effects the wellbeing of man, animal and plants world over. Man is more advanced in intellect and hence it is the duty of man to protect the environment from undesired pollutions. The book discusses various aspects of Global warming, climate change, health hazards, dwindling of forest, water resources and natural resources and stress on biological diversity.
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chapter Chapter - 1|17 pages


chapter Chapter - 2|19 pages

Biological Environment of Sea

chapter Chapter - 3|32 pages

Natural Resources

chapter Chapter - 4|18 pages

Environmental Degradation and Protection

chapter Chapter - 5|10 pages

The Atmosphere

chapter Chapter - 6|18 pages

The Oceans

chapter Chapter - 7|31 pages


chapter Chapter - 8|48 pages

Environmental Pollution

chapter Chapter - 9|20 pages

Water and its Pollutions

chapter Chapter - 10|13 pages


chapter Chapter - 11|30 pages

The Biodiversity

chapter Chapter - 12|50 pages

The Climate - Role of Ocean in Climate Fluctuations

chapter Chapter - 13|5 pages

International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme IGBP-1989

chapter Chapter - 14|35 pages

Modern Aids of Communication and Detection

chapter Chapter - 15|22 pages