This book presents the application of Polymer-Silica Based Composites in the Construction Industry providing the fundamental framework and knowledge needed for the sustainable and efficient use of these composites as building and structural materials. It also includes characterization of prepared materials to ascertain mechanical, chemical, and physical properties and analyses results obtained using similar methods. Topics such as life cycle analysis of plastics, application of plastics in construction and elimination of plastic wastes are also discussed. The book also provides information on the outlook and competitiveness of emerging composites materials.

  • Covers theory, preparation and characterizations of polymer-silica based composites for green construction.
  • Discusses technology, reliability, manufacturing cost and environmental impact.
  • Reviews the classification, application, and processing of polymer-silica composites.
  • Gives a deeper analysis on the various tests carried out on polymer-silica composite.
  • Highlights role of such composites in the Industry 4.0 and emerging technologies.

This book is aimed at graduate students and researchers in civil engineering, built environment, construction materials, and materials science.