Nordic Animation examines the state of the animation industry within the Nordic countries. It looks at the success of popular brands such as the Moomins and Angry Birds, studios such as Anima Vitae and Qvisten, and individuals from the Nordics that have made their mark on the global animation industry.

The book begins with some historical findings before moving to look at the stories of some of the most well-known Nordic animation brands. A section on Nordic animation studios looks at the international success and impact on the global animation industry that has been made by these companies. The book is forward thinking in scope and places these stories within the context of what the future holds for the Nordic animation industry.

This book will be of great interest to those in the fields of animation and film studies, as well as those with a general interest in Nordic animation.

Introduction-Saddest children and the happiest adults in the world. Who are Nordics * Why is this book written? I HISTORICAL FINDINGS- 1.1. Art scene redefined from the idyllic countryside to urban expressionists * Surrealist fantasies. 1.2. Political cartoonists pioneering with early animation. II BRANDS & INDUSTRY BEGINNERS - 2.1. Moomin Animations - from early TV to a most genuine Nordic brand * Polish felt Moomins travel back to the Finnish ownership * Moomins on the Riviera – a feature to celebrate Tove Jansson’s 100th birthday * Moominvalley – taken into an adult drama format. 2.2. Danish animation boosted by LEGO, a famous writer and some barbarians * From The Long Shadow to The Checkered Ninja * From The Princess to Copenhagen Bombay. 2.3. Norwegian curiosities: Ivo Caprino and his inheritors in stop-motion * Other characters by Caprino * Killi’s Darlings * Katariina Lillqvist tells dangerous stories. NOMAD YEARS: Looking East and West - Nomad stories from Finland. Information Classification: General. Finnish-Russian cooperation and Tallinn as a next stop * Back to Brexit Britain. III STUDIO STORIES - 3.1. Making it rough and edgy: Happy Life Animation – the end of an era. 3.2. Anima Vitae – 3D virtuosos from Finland * Asia Strategy – exporting the Finnish pipeline to Malaysia. 3.3. Iceland: two studios and two thousand years of sagas. NOMAD STORIES to be continued * Finnish-Swedish animation: Forerunners and returnees. IV BEYOND GAMES & TECH-SAVVY MYTHS - 4. 1. Sweden – from dystopia to nostalgia * What happened then? 4.2. Not all birds are angry – Rovio and its successors * Bird boom to catch up from Iceland to Espoo and Turku. 4.3. Valhalla goes VFX, but where is the animated Kalevala? * People believing in elves? V MAKING NEW HEROES - 5.1. Being Mosvold, being Nordid, being international * From the series to a feature * Qvisten – Living dangerously in the forest * Nordic Christmas Hour. Information Classification: General. 5.2. New School Viborg: Norlum and Danish documentary animation. 5.3. From Filmtecknarna to LEE Film and The Ape Star. 5.4. Thinking big from the beginning: Gigglebug Entertainment * Anima Boutique started in 2007 * From Sopron to Berlin * From IP to a new company. 5.5. Closing the circle – Titina. Epilogue - Trolls and more trolls. The author's word.