Applied Second Law Analysis of Heat Engine Cycles offers a concise, practical approach to one of the two building blocks of classical thermodynamics and demonstrates how it can be a powerful tool in the analysis of heat engine cycles.

Including real system models with the industry-standard heat balance simulation software, the Thermoflow Suite (GTPRO/MASTER, PEACE, Thermoflex) and Excel VBA, the book discusses both the performance and the cost. It also features both calculated and actual examples for gas turbines, steam turbines, simple and combined cycles from major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). In addition, novel cycles proposed by researchers and independent technology developers will also be critically examined.

This book will be a valuable reference for practicing engineers, enabling the reader to approach the most difficult thermal design and analysis problems in a logical manner.

1. Introduction. 2. Laws of Thermodynamics. 3. Second Law - Macroscopic Perspective. 4. Second Law - Microscopic Perspective. 5. Second Law in Practice. 6. Waste Heat Recovery. 7. Heat Rejection. 8. Cogeneration. 9. Technology Factor. 10. Internal Combustion Engines. 11. External Combustion Engines. 12. Gas Turbine Combined Cycle. 13. Peropheral Systems. 14. Supplementary Material.