This book is an introduction to social data analytics along with its challenges and opportunities in the age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. It focuses primarily on concepts, techniques and methods for organizing, curating, processing, analyzing, and visualizing big social data: from text to image and video analytics. It provides novel techniques in storytelling with social data to facilitate the knowledge and fact discovery. The book covers a large body of knowledge that will help practitioners and researchers in understanding the underlying concepts, problems, methods, tools and techniques involved in modern social data analytics. It also provides real-world applications of social data analytics, including: Sales and Marketing, Influence Maximization, Situational Awareness, customer success and Segmentation, and performance analysis of the industry. It provides a deep knowledge in social data analytics by comprehensively classifying the current state of research, by describing in-depth techniques and methods, and by highlighting future research directions. Lecturers will find a wealth of material to choose from for a variety of courses, ranging from undergraduate courses in data science to graduate courses in data analytics.

chapter |18 pages

Organizing Social Data

chapter 3|20 pages

Curating Social Data

chapter 4|19 pages

Social Media Text Analytics

chapter 5|22 pages

Social Media Image and Video Analytics

chapter 6|20 pages

Summarizing Social Data

chapter 7|12 pages

Storytelling with Social Data

chapter 9|16 pages

Social Data Analytics Applications