'Natural Language Processing in the Real World' is a practical guide for applying data science and machine learning to build Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions. Where traditional, academic-taught NLP is often accompanied by a data source or dataset to aid solution building, this book is situated in the real-world where there may not be an existing rich dataset.

This book covers the basic concepts behind NLP and text processing and discusses the applications across 15 industry verticals. From data sources and extraction to transformation and modelling, and classic Machine Learning to Deep Learning and Transformers, several popular applications of NLP are discussed and implemented.

This book provides a hands-on and holistic guide for anyone looking to build NLP solutions, from students of Computer Science to those involved in large-scale industrial projects.

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Chapter 1: NLP Basics

Chapter 2: Data Sources and Extraction

Chapter 3: Data Preprocessing and Transformation

Chapter 4: Data Modeling

Chapter 5: NLP Applications – Active Usage

Chapter 6: NLP Applications – Developing Usage

Chapter 7: Information Extraction and Text Transforming Models

Chapter 8: Text Categorisation and Affinities

Chapter 9: Chatbots

Chapter 10: Customer Review Analysis

Chapter 11: Recommendations and Predictions

Chapter 12: More Real-World Scenarios and Tips