This practical guide covers the investigation, design, and execution of ground improvement in coastal areas. It explains how to decide whether ground improvement is necessary, which method to choose, and how to design and execute it.

Recognising the soft ground commonly found in coastal areas, the book introduces various ground improvement technologies including seismic reinforcement and liquefaction countermeasures and addresses the measures to be taken to sustain ground against external forces. Reliable Japanese ground improvement technologies are presented as well as the latest BIM/ICT technology used in their execution. The book also includes measures that can be taken against contaminated soil and considers ground improvement design on site.

  • Unique focus on coastal applications
  • Summarises leading edge Japanese practice

The book suits professionals in the ground improvement industry, especially geotechnical designers and contractors.

1. Introduction.  2. Investigation, Design, and Execution.  3. Ground Improvement Methods.  4. Use of Improved Soil.  5. Improvement of Contaminated Soil.  6. Future of Ground Improvement.