Written by a AAA industry expert with over twenty years of experience, this book offers comprehensive coverage of the practical skills that all successful level designers need to know. It covers everything from practical production skills to the social and soft skills required to thrive in the games industry.

The book begins with a theoretical and abstract approach that sets a common language for the later hard-skill applications and practical examples. These later chapters cover a wealth of practical skills for use during the concept phase, while creating layouts, scripting, and working with AI. The book includes essential chapters on topics such as social and soft skills, world building, level design direction, production, as well as how to gain a job in the industry.

This book will be of great interest to all level designers, content leads and directors looking to enhance their skillset. It will also appeal to students of level and game design looking for tips on how to break into the industry.

1. Section One: Book and Level Design Introduction. Chapter 1: Book Introduction. Chapter 2: Definition of Level Design & Level Designers. 2. Section Two: Production & Social Skills. Chapter 3: Level Design Production. Chapter 4: Diplomacy of Level Design. Chapter 5: Teamwork & Leadership Tools. 3. Section Three: Level Design Theory. Chapter 6: About Vision, Pillars & Direction. Chapter 7: Abstract Level Design. Chapter 8: The Big Picture. Chapter 9: Abstract Level Design. Chapter 10: Connective Tissue. 4. Section Four: Practical - How to Get Started. Chapter 11: Concept Phase. Chapter 12: First Steps. 5. Section Five: Practical - Layouts. Chapter 13: Cover, Flow and Player Leading. Chapter 14: Scenarios & Location Types. 6. Section Six: Practical - Technical Aspects & Game Design. Chapter 15: Scripting & Technical. Chapter 16: Working with Ingredients. 7. Section Seven: Closing Topics. Chapter 17: Closing & Shipping. Chapter 18: Becoming a Level Designer.