This reference text introduces concepts of computer and Internet crime, ethics in information technology, and privacy techniques.

It comprehensively covers important topics including ethical consideration in decision making, security attacks, identification of theft, strategies for consumer profiling, types of intellectual property rights, issues related to intellectual property, process and product quality, software quality assurance techniques, elements of an ethical organization, telemedicine, and electronic health records.

This book will serve as a useful text for senior undergraduate and graduate students in interdisciplinary areas including computer science, information technology, electronics and communications engineering, and electrical engineering.

chapter 1|29 pages

An Overview of Ethics

chapter 2|36 pages

Computer and Internet Crime

chapter 3|36 pages

Organization Privacy

chapter 4|42 pages

Intellectual Property

chapter 5|29 pages

Ethics of IT Organization

chapter 6|26 pages

Impact of IT on Quality of Life

chapter 7|9 pages

Case Studies