This book provides a detailed discussion on India’s energy mix including descriptive use of the Shannon Wiener diversity index for numerically comparing India’s diversity in energy supply with other leading energy-consuming countries. The likely supply scenarios of both domestic and imported gas, and price competitiveness with competing fuels in differing consuming sectors, have also been presented. Overall, it covers energy systems, a comparison of the Indian natural gas economy with other countries and a scenario-based analysis of gas demand in India in 2030.


  • Presents a well-structured and robust thesis on the challenges and opportunities for natural gas in India’s energy future
  • Draws upon key insights, lessons and ways forward from the gas sector reform process
  • Addresses the energy transition scenario towards net zero
  • Includes comparative analysis of India’s diversity of commercial primary energy supply
  • Uses granular data and visual representations of the same to convey the key arguments

This book is aimed at oil and gas industry stakeholders including professionals, business executives, techno-managerial personnel and students in chemical engineering.