Assessment of professional competence for project managers and the measure of project success is well-trodden ground in the research and professional project management literature. Whilst standards and certifications like PMBOK and the IPMA competence baseline have been developed as a guide for the development of project managers’ competence, the manifestation of these competencies into good performance is neither guaranteed nor always easily ascertainable.

This book presents a brand new, comprehensive, and reliable quantitative tool to assess the performance of a construction project manager. Though the performance of a project construction manager may be judged on time and cost criteria of a project, there is still no one conclusive evaluation tool based on the varied criteria or competencies that are usually ascribed to them.

This book develops a performance index for construction project professionals which can be indicative of their performance measured over varied attributes over the lifetime of their professional development. This index has the potential to provide all project stakeholders with better control over selecting appropriate resources for managing projects and drive the project professional from within towards improving his/her credentials with every project.

This book can be used by aspiring and practising project managers for measuring their own performance and assessing their relative strengths and weaknesses. Organizations can use the tool as a benchmark to select the best of their human resources for their projects, and training institutions can use the tool to set a baseline, highlight areas for intervention, and indicate the readiness of trainees to face real world projects.