Digital Image Processing with C++: Implementing Reference Algorithms with the CImg Library presents the theory of digital image processing and implementations of algorithms using a dedicated library. Processing a digital image means transforming its content (denoising, stylizing, etc.), or extracting information to solve a given problem (object recognition, measurement, motion estimation, etc.). This book presents the mathematical theories underlying digital image processing, as well as their practical implementation through examples of algorithms implemented in the C++ language using the free and easy-to-use CImg library.

Chapters cover the field of digital image processing in a broad way and propose practical and functional implementations of each method theoretically described. The main topics covered include filtering in spatial and frequency domains, mathematical morphology, feature extraction and applications to segmentation, motion estimation, multispectral image processing and 3D visualization.

Students or developers wishing to discover or specialize in this discipline and teachers and researchers hoping to quickly prototype new algorithms or develop courses will all find in this book material to discover image processing or deepen their knowledge in this field.

part 1|38 pages

Introduction to CImg

chapter 2Chapter 1|14 pages


chapter Chapter 2|22 pages

Getting Started with the CImg Library

part II|242 pages

Image Processing Using CImg

chapter Chapter 3|10 pages

Point Processing Transformations

chapter Chapter 4|16 pages

Mathematical Morphology

chapter Chapter 5|52 pages


chapter Chapter 6|30 pages

Feature Extraction

chapter Chapter 7|32 pages


chapter Chapter 8|26 pages

Motion Estimation

chapter Chapter 9|18 pages

Multispectral Approaches

chapter Chapter 10|16 pages

3D Visualisation

chapter Chapter 11|38 pages

And So Many Other Things…