This book examines the implementation of emerging technology projects in the service-based Indian IT sector. The title shows how emerging technologies impact IT-enabled Services (ITeS) organizations and examines the mobility prospects for engineers and students looking to enter the Indian IT sector. Indian IT, dominated by organizations offering ITeS, provides services to clients across the world. Fueling this sector’s growth are engineering graduates. Emerging technologies, such as AI, Big Data, Cloud, and Blockchain, have brought the IT and engineering education sectors to a crossroads with global implications. The IT sector is facing growing demands for new technology solutions from its clients, and it is engineering students who are expected to upskill in order to build these solutions. The volume provides a rare, bottom-up look at the intersection of technology, education and organizational structure, based on an ethnographic study.

Emerging Technologies and the Indian IT Sector will be a helpful and unique resource for managers in ITeS grappling with emerging technologies, researchers looking at how emerging technologies impact organizations and for those developing innovative IT courses in higher education. Readers interested in the global structure of IT education and industry will also find a fresh, ethnographically-informed take on these issues.

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|11 pages

Research context

chapter 4|26 pages

The Indian IT industry and emerging technologies

Mobility of engineers

chapter 5|16 pages