Getting Started for Internet of Things with Launch Pad and ESP8266 provides a platform to get started with the Ti launch pad and IoT modules for Internet of Things applications. The book provides the basic knowledge of Ti launch Pad and ESP8266 based customized modules with their interfacing, along with the programming.The book discusses the application of Internet of Things in different areas. Several examples for rapid prototyping are included, this to make the readers understand the concept of IoT.The book comprises of twenty-seven chapters, which are divided into four sections and which focus on the design of various independent prototypes. Section-A gives a brief introduction to Ti launch pad (MSP430) and Internet of Things platforms like GPRS, NodeMCU and NuttyFi (ESP8266 customized board), and it shows steps to program these boards. Examples on how to interface these boards with display units, analog sensors, digital sensors and actuators are also included, this to make reader comfortable with the platforms. Section-B discusses the communication modes to relay the data like serial out, PWM and I2C. Section-C explores the IoT data loggers and shows certain steps to design and interact with the servers. Section-D includes few IoT based case studies in various fields. This book is based on the practical experience of the authors while undergoing projects with students and partners from various industries.

Preface List of Figures List of Tables List of Abbreviations Section A: Introduction 1 Introduction to Ti Launch Pad 2 Introduction to IoT Platforms 3 Play with LED 4 Play with LCD 5 Play with Seven-segment Display 6 Play with Analog Sensor 7 Play with Digital Sensors 8 Interfacing of Multiple Device with Ti Launch Pad 9 Interfacing of Multiple Device with NodeMCU 10 Actuators Section B: Communication Protocol 11 Serial Communication between Ti Launch Pad and NodeMCU 12 Interfacing of Devices in Different Modes 13 Interfacing of 433 MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver 14 Interfacing of XBee Modem and Analog Sensor 15 Interfacing of XBee and Multiple Sensors 16 Interfacing of Bluetooth Modem Section C: IoT Data Logger 17 Recipe for Data Logger with Blynk App 18 Recipe for Data Logger with Cayenne App 19 Recipe for Data Logger with ThingSpeak Server 20 Recipe for Data Logger with Virtuino App 21 Recipe for Data Logger with Firebase Server 22 Recipe of Data Acquisition using Local Web Server Section D: Case Studies 23 Case Study on Internet of Thing-based Water Management 24 Case Study on Internet of Things-based Fire and Safety System 25 Case Study on Internet of Thing-based Agriculture Field Monitoring 26 Case Study on Internet of Things in Smart Home 27 Case Study on Internet of Thing in Healthcare Bibliography Index About the Authors