The book describes state-of-the-art advances in simulators and emulators for quantum computing. It introduces the main concepts of quantum computing, defining q-bits, explaining the parallelism behind any quantum computation, describing measurement of the quantum state of information and explaining the process of quantum bit entanglement, collapsed state and cloning. The book reviews the concept of quantum unitary, binary and ternary quantum operators as well as the computation implied by each operator. It provides details of the quantum processor, providing its architecture, which is validated via execution simulation of some quantum instructions.

part I|33 pages


chapter Chapter 1|8 pages

Introduction to Quantum Computing

chapter Chapter 2|12 pages

Quantum Concepts

chapter Chapter 3|11 pages

Quantum Operators

part |73 pages

Applications II

chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

Quantum Processor Macro-architecture

chapter Chapter 5|13 pages

Calculation Unit Micro-architecture

chapter Chapter 6|13 pages

Control Unit Micro-architecture

chapter Chapter 7|5 pages

Quantum State Measurement

chapter Chapter 8|18 pages

Quantum Instruction Simulation

chapter Chapter 9|3 pages

Final Book Remarks