This book discusses a new process mining method along with a detailed comparison between different techniques that provide a complete vision of the process of data acquisition, data analysis, and data prediction.

Process Mining Techniques for Managing and Improving Healthcare Systems offers a new framework for process learning which is probabilistic and enables the process to be learned in an accumulative manner. The steps of prediction modeling and building the required knowledge are highlighted throughout the book along with a strong emphasis on the correlation between the healthcare domain and technology including the different aspects such as managing records, information, and procedures, early detection of diseases, and the improvement of accuracy in choosing the right treatment procedures.

This reference provides a wealth of knowledge for practitioners, researchers, and students at basic and intermediary levels working within the healthcare system, computer science, electronics and communications, as well as medical providers, and also hospital management entities.

1. Healthcare System. 2. Data Mining and Management Information Systems. 3. Process Mining and Big Data in Healthcare. 4. The Proposed β Algorithm for Healthcare Systems. 5. Building a Hospital Management Platform. 6. The Advantages of Using the MYL Platform.