Drawing on the vast amount of experience the author has gained from working in industrial and university laboratories, this collection of excerpt reports contains essential details from literature relevant to the synthesis of compounds on a milligram to kilogram scale. The excerpts are composed using ChemDraw software and compiled in a Word document. A number of the compounds that have eluded efficient preparation in the past are now presented. Material which will improve any chemist's existing synthetic methodology can be found here. Each of the six chapters, with eighty excerpts, illustrates a novel application of syntheses selected from twenty-first-century literature.


  • This professional text describes many of the classical and contemporary methods of synthesis that have recently found great value in the preparation of needed target compounds in the required quantities.
  • This special topic work is a description of the preparation of chemicals used in the study and development of medicinal compounds. Each of the seventy-seven excerpts are graphical outlines of sequential reactions and intermediates used to produce the synthetic targets. A wide variety of classical and modern methodologies are included in this collection. Many of the excerpts are supplemented with experimental details and mechanistic insights into the reactions involved.
  • This user-friendly professional text provides enormous aid in designing synthetic sequences.
  • Appeals to a broad audience in both academic and industrial laboratories, basically any chemist in need of designing a synthetic sequence or just selecting a single reaction.
  • Author has a vast amount of experience gained from working in academic and industrial laboratories.

chapter 1|27 pages

Non-Natural Organic Compounds

chapter 2|25 pages

Structural Moieties and Functional Groups

chapter 3|38 pages

Natural Products

chapter 4|29 pages

Diversification and Simplification

chapter 5|26 pages

Name Reactions

chapter 6|37 pages

Variations on a Synthetic Sequence