This book discusses the biology, breeding, care, and management of camels, with a focus on camels from Pakistan. The book provides a sound understanding of how to look after camels, their senses, behavior, and adaptations. The chapters describe the practical aspects of camel husbandry such as how to maintain their body condition, feet, and cleanliness. It covers the types of feeds, feeding methods, and their needs at different stages of life. The book provides a detailed account of camel husbandry, breeding, and reproduction. It is meant for camel breeders, veterinarians, livestock advisers, students, and researchers working on animal sciences, camel rearing, feeding, and management.


  • Includes information about different species of camels present in Pakistan and their importance to humans
  • Discusses the nutrition and feeding of camels, the medicinal qualities of camel milk, and the peculiar immunity-enhancing properties of their nutritious meat
  • Describes the features of camels that help them survive and thrive in deserts and make them the animals of the future
  • Covers the range of unique products obtained from camels and their economic value
  • Explores the management, types of diseases in camels, causes of their spread, their control, and therapeutic measures for successful and productive farming