Sustainable Aviation Fuels discusses the transfer process of aviation to carbon-neutral flights, including how to manage the transition period. It also demonstrates how to develop and design a new approach for environmentally friendly air transport with reduced emissions.

Covering the full scope of commercialisation, market considerations, advisements on investments and transition challenges of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), the book tackles questions related to the cost of changing fuel types, competitive market models that can exist parallel to the oil industry and strategies for airlines to implement. It considers reliability requirements for feedstock suppliers and SAF producers, as well as ways to avoid feedstock shortages.

The book will interest aviation industry professionals, fuel producers, airline fuel buyers, airport operators and propulsion engineers working on SAF production. Aviation, aerospace and business students taking courses in propulsion, gas turbine emissions, air transport management, supply chain development and sustainable energy production will find the book useful as well.

chapter 3|29 pages

The Jet Fuel Market – JET A-1 and SAF

chapter 4|37 pages

Investment Considerations

chapter 5|32 pages

Airline Considerations

chapter 8|30 pages

Production of SAF

chapter 9|13 pages

Market Implementation Strategies for SAF

chapter 10|2 pages

Summary and Outlook