Delving into the deeply enigmatic nature of Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI: Unexplainable, Unpredictable, Uncontrollable explores the various reasons why the field is so challenging. Written by one of the founders of the field of AI safety, this book addresses some of the most fascinating questions facing humanity, including the nature of intelligence, consciousness, values and knowledge.

Moving from a broad introduction to the core problems, such as the unpredictability of AI outcomes or the difficulty in explaining AI decisions, this book arrives at more complex questions of ownership and control, conducting an in-depth analysis of potential hazards and unintentional consequences. The book then concludes with philosophical and existential considerations, probing into questions of AI personhood, consciousness, and the distinction between human intelligence and artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Bridging the gap between technical intricacies and philosophical musings, AI: Unexplainable, Unpredictable, Uncontrollable appeals to both AI experts and enthusiasts looking for a comprehensive understanding of the field, whilst also being written for a general audience with minimal technical jargon.

chapter 1|10 pages

Introduction *

chapter 2|10 pages

Unpredictability *

chapter 3|15 pages

Unexplainability and Incomprehensibility *

chapter 4|15 pages

Unverifiability *

chapter 5|6 pages

Unownability *

chapter 6|71 pages

Uncontrollability *

chapter 7|11 pages

Pathways to Danger *

chapter 8|19 pages

Accidents *

chapter 9|12 pages

Personhood *

chapter 10|25 pages

Consciousness *

chapter 11|11 pages

Personal Universes *

chapter 12|11 pages

Human ≠ AGI *

chapter 13|26 pages

Skepticism *