The Art and Science of Dome-Shaped Wood-Fired Ovens, from history to your backyard or commercial shop, is a carefully crafted guide that explains the tradition and science of wood-fired cooking. The book embarks on a historical journey, tracing the development of wood-fired ovens and their cultural significance. It then unravels the theory of heating and the burning behaviour of wood, making complex technical concepts accessible.

Transitioning from theory to practice, the guide outlines the design and construction process of a wood-fired oven. It considers engineering aspects and locally available materials, emphasizing efficient, sustainable building. The book discusses essential cooking utensils and tools, shedding light on the entire cooking process, from fire-starting to ash disposal.

In a unique chapter on data logging, readers are introduced to modern temperature monitoring techniques. It shows how managing thermal mass can expand the range of recipes beyond the commonly perceived breads and pizzas. Lastly, the book explores Turkish cuisine, debunking preconceptions and presenting a wide array of dishes suitable for wood-fired ovens. The recipes span from traditional Turkish to International cuisines and fusion recipes, equipping readers with the tools to broaden their culinary repertoire.

This book serves as an indispensable resource for anyone interested in wood-fired cooking, blending historical context, technical insights, practical advice, and mouth-watering recipes into a compelling narrative. This comprehensive manual aims to bring wood-fired cooking into the heart of modern culinary practice.

chapter 1|14 pages


chapter 3|25 pages

Oven Design and Construction

chapter 5|18 pages

Data Logging and Analysis

chapter 6|50 pages

Turkish Cuisines

Classification of Common Features

chapter 7|36 pages

Selected Recipes for the Wood-Fired Ovens