Physical Biology of the Cell is a textbook for a first course in physical biology or biophysics for undergraduate or graduate students. It maps the huge and complex landscape of cell and molecular biology from the distinct perspective of physical biology. As a key organizing principle, the proximity of topics is based on the physical concepts that

part I|1 pages

The Facts of Life

chapter 1|31 pages

Why: Biology by the Numbers

chapter 3|50 pages

When: Stopwatches at Many Scales

chapter 4|47 pages

Who: “Bless the Little Beasties”

part 2|1 pages

Life at Rest

part 4|1 pages

Life in Motion

chapter 12|27 pages

The Mathematics of Water

chapter 13|33 pages

A Statistical View of Biological Dynamics

chapter 14|29 pages

Life in Crowded and Disordered Environments

chapter 15|49 pages

Rate Equations and Dynamics in the Cell

chapter 16|58 pages

Dynamics of Molecular Motors

chapter 17|35 pages

Hodgkin–Huxley Model

chapter 18|81 pages

Light and Life

part 4|1 pages

The Meaning of Life

chapter 19|95 pages

Organization of Biological Networks

chapter 20|58 pages

Biological Patterns: Order in Space and Time

chapter 21|71 pages

Sequences, Specificity, and Evolution

chapter 22|15 pages

Whither Physical Biology?