Aimed at presenting a systematic design of biorefineries, the book initiates with an overview about relevance and applications explained through origin of raw materials, transformation routes and products. Then, concepts as hierarchy, sequencing and integration are considered which helps in generating a sustainable and strategic design of biorefineries. Further, framework for biorefineries based on techno-economic, environmental and social aspects is analyzed with examples to show the applications. Finally, some mass, energy and economic indices are considered to assess the biorefinery sustainability and key challenges for future development of biorefineries.

Key Features

  • Presents current state-of the-art of the biorefineries design and analyses for in depth understanding of biofuels and biomaterials
  • Explores conceptual design of processes
  • Concepts discussed with strong engineering approach, including design strategies and techno-economic analyses
  • Includes bio-based materials, natural products and food products in the biorefinery concept
  • Presentation of structured method to calculate indices of performance of biorefineries