Transportation asset management delivers efficient and cost-effective investment decisions to support transportation infrastructure and system usage performance measured in economic, social, health, and environmental terms. It can be applied at national, state, and local levels. This distinctive book addresses asset management for multimodal transportation, taking account of system component interdependency, integration, and risk and uncertainty. It sets out rigorous quantitative and qualitative methods for addressing system goals, performance measures, and needs; data collection and management; performance modeling; project evaluation, selection, and trade-off analysis; innovative financing; and institutional issues. It applies as easily to static traffic and time-dependent or dynamic traffic which exists on a more local level.

It is written for transportation planners, engineers, and academia, as well as a growing number of graduate students taking transportation asset management courses.

chapter Chapter 1|7 pages


chapter Chapter 3|55 pages

Data collection, processing, and database management

chapter Chapter 4|48 pages

Transportation facility performance modeling

chapter Chapter 5|69 pages

Transportation impacts modeling

chapter Chapter 6|20 pages

Transportation needs assessment

chapter Chapter 7|41 pages

Fundamentals of project evaluation

chapter Chapter 8|38 pages

Economic analysis of highway pavement preservation

chapter Chapter 9|36 pages

Economic analysis of highway bridge preservation

chapter Chapter 11|40 pages

Economic analysis of transit facility preservation

chapter Chapter 12|12 pages

Economic analysis of rail facility preservation

chapter Chapter 14|33 pages

Economic analysis of mobility improvements

chapter Chapter 15|26 pages

Economic analysis of highway safety improvements

chapter Chapter 16|23 pages

Transportation environmental impacts analysis

chapter Chapter 17|89 pages

Transportation decision models

chapter Chapter 18|42 pages

Transportation project selection

chapter Chapter 19|66 pages

Innovative financing and investment decisions

chapter Chapter 20|6 pages

Institutional issues