This book explores the methods needed for creating and manipulating HDR content. HDR is a step change from traditional imaging; more closely matching what we see with our eyes. In the years since the first edition of this book appeared, HDR has become much more widespread, moving from a research concept to a standard imaging method. This new edition incorporates all the many developments in HDR since the first edition and once again emphasizes practical tips, including the authors' popular HDR Toolbox (available on the authors' website) for MATLAB and gives readers the tools they need to develop and experiment with new techniques for creating compelling HDR content.

Key Features:

  • Contains the HDR Toolbox for readers' experimentation on authors' website
  • Offers an up-to-date, detailed guide to the theory and practice of high dynamic range imaging
  • Covers all aspects of the field, from capture to display
  • Provides benchmarks for evaluating HDR imagery

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|31 pages

HDR Pipeline

chapter 3|49 pages

Tone Mapping

chapter 4|19 pages

New Trends in Tone Mapping

chapter 5|20 pages

HDR Video Tone Mapping

chapter 7|29 pages

Image-Based Lighting

chapter 8|23 pages

HDR Images Compression

chapter 9|19 pages

HDR Video Compression

chapter 10|22 pages