This will be a substantial revision of a good selling text for upper division/first graduate courses in biomedical transport phenomena, offered in many departments of biomedical and chemical engineering. Each chapter will be updated accordingly, with new problems and examples incorporated where appropriate. A particular emphasis will be on new information related to tissue engineering and organ regeneration. A key new feature will be the inclusion of complete solutions within the body of the text, rather than in a separate solutions manual. Also, Matlab will be incorporated for the first time with this Fourth Edition.

chapter 1|34 pages


chapter 2|90 pages

A review of thermodynamic concepts

chapter 5|67 pages

Mass transfer fundamentals

chapter 6|59 pages

Mass transfer in heterogeneous materials

chapter 7|50 pages

Oxygen transport in biological systems

chapter 8|52 pages

Pharmacokinetic analysis

chapter 9|64 pages

Extracorporeal devices

chapter 10|30 pages

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

chapter 11|48 pages

Bioartificial organs