The Handbook of Geometric Constraint Systems Principles is an entry point to the currently used principal mathematical and computational tools and techniques of the geometric constraint system (GCS). It functions as a single source containing the core principles and results, accessible to both beginners and experts.

The handbook provides a guide for students learning basic concepts, as well as experts looking to pinpoint specific results or approaches in the broad landscape. As such, the editors created this handbook to serve as a useful tool for navigating the varied concepts, approaches and results found in GCS research.

Key Features:

    • A comprehensive reference handbook authored by top researchers
    • Includes fundamentals and techniques from multiple perspectives that span several research communities
    • Provides recent results and a graded program of open problems and conjectures
    • Can be used for senior undergraduate or graduate topics course introduction to the area
    • Detailed list of figures and tables

About the Editors:

Meera Sitharam is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Florida’s Department of Computer & Information Science and Engineering. She received her Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Audrey St. John is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Mount Holyoke College, who received her Ph. D. from UMass Amherst.

Jessica Sidman is a Professor of Mathematics on the John S. Kennedy Foundation at Mount Holyoke College. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.

chapter 1|17 pages

Overview and Preliminaries

part 1|180 pages

Part I Geometric Reasoning, Factorization and Decomposition

part 2|87 pages

Part II Distance Geometry, Real Algebraic Geometry, and Configuration Spaces

part 3|88 pages

Part III Geometric Rigidty

chapter 13|10 pages

Polyhedra in 3-Space

chapter 14|17 pages


chapter 16|11 pages

Generic Global Rigidity in General Dimension

chapter 17|24 pages

Change of Metrics in Rigidity Theory

part 4|191 pages

Part IV Combinatorial Rigidity

chapter 18|36 pages

Planar Rigidity

chapter 20|25 pages

Rigidity of Body-Bar-Hinge Frameworks

chapter 22|18 pages

Point-Line Frameworks

chapter 23|20 pages

Generic Rigidity of Body-and-Cad Frameworks

chapter 24|17 pages

Rigidity with Polyhedral Norms