Self-contained and concise, this Research Note provides a basis to study unsteady flow in saturated porous media. It provides for the development of algorithms that examine three-dimensional flows subject to complicated boundary conditions that are a natural consequence of flow in geological systems. A new way to understand the flow in porous media is presented. The authors pay attention to computational considerations, and options for developing codes are addressed. The note consists of five chapters: the first is introductory; the second and third are devoted to showing how one arrives at the solutions of interest; the fourth chapter presents various reformulations to aid computations and presents a few illustrative examples; the fifth chapter is a natural progression of the first four chapters to more complicated visualizations of flow in porous media.

chapter I|12 pages

General Theory

chapter II|22 pages

The Initial-Boundary-Value Problem

chapter III|20 pages

Treatment of Extraction Points

chapter IV|44 pages

Computational Considerations

chapter V|14 pages

Flow in Fissured and Layered Porous Media