The book gives an up-to-date account of various approaches availablefor the analysis of infectious disease data. Most of the methods havebeen developed only recently, and for those based on particularlymodern mathematics, details of the computation are carefullyillustrated. Interpretation is discussed at some length and the emphasisthroughout is on making statistical inferences about epidemiologicallyimportant parameters.Niels G. Becker is Reader in Statistics at La Trobe University,Australia.

chapter 1|-27 pages


chapter 2|33 pages

Chain binomial models

chapter 3|8 pages

Chain models with random effects

chapter 4|-15 pages

Latent and infectious periods

chapter 6|37 pages

Generalized Linear Models

chapter 7|36 pages

Martingale methods

chapter 8|35 pages

Methods of inference for large populations