This practical reference describes the occurrence of cavitation in a centrifugal pump, and how unacceptable cavitation can be avoided. It explains cavitation problems such as hydraulic performance loss, hydrodynamically or thermodynamically induced surging, and cavitation erosion. General guidelines for acceptable operation conditions, such as, net positive suction head (NPSH) margins and minimum flowrates, are presented along with evidence and logic for these proposed guidelines.

chapter Chapter 1|10 pages

Cavitation — An Unacceptable Phenomenon

chapter Chapter 2|12 pages

Independent Variables and Terminology

chapter Chapter 3|28 pages

Centrifugal Pump Performance Characteristics

chapter Chapter 5|18 pages

Cavity Dynamics — A Simplified Approach

chapter Chapter 7|20 pages

Cavitation Surging — Hydrodynamically Induced

chapter Chapter 8|16 pages

Cavitation Surging — Thermodynamically Induced

chapter Chapter 9|31 pages

Cavitation Erosion

chapter Chapter 10|27 pages

Centrifugal Pump Low-Flow Protection

chapter Chapter 11|26 pages

Cavitation Tests for Centrifugal Pumps

chapter Chapter 15|26 pages

Centrifugal Pumps and Cavitation — A View of the Past