Incuding an overview of two of the most common uses of coal: combustion and gasification. First, it outlines problems and possible solutions, and then the nature of coal is described. The book goes on to describe the technical aspects of combustion of pulverized coal and the combustion mechanism of coal in fixed, moving, and fluidized beds. Industrial coal combustion applications are then outlined, together with other combustion applications, including co-firing, coal-water, slurries, and briquettes. Finally, gasification of coal, a possible major clean coal technology of the future, is discussed.

chapter 2|34 pages

Properties of Coal

chapter 3|31 pages

Pollutant Formation and Methods of Control

chapter 4|37 pages

Combustion Mechanism of Pulverized Coal

chapter 6|45 pages

Industrial Applications of Coal Combustion

chapter 7|24 pages

Two-Component Coal Combustion

chapter 8|27 pages

Coal Gasification Processes